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Batavia, IL – Tour Edge, Golf’s Most Solid Investment, has welcomed new Executive Vice President John Craig stateside who kicks off his USA job experience at the PGA Show in Tampa, FL. Craig’s remarkable experience in the golf business aims to strengthen Tour Edge’s position in the marketplace, and build upon a distinguished 30-year history.

Craig just moved his family from Australia to Chicago and is ready to make an impact. Craig’s association with Tour Edge started in 2004, as the distributor in Australia for Tour Edge Golf. Over a period of 10 years, the company built the brand in the territory to a level where on a per capita basis, Australia was the dominant International market for Tour Edge.

“It’s an achievement I am particularly proud of and as you can see I have been a cousin in the Tour Edge family for quite some time,” said Craig. “In 2014 I sold my business and at the ripe old age of 52 years, I took a year out of work and went back to College and completed my MBA.”

Craig’s addition to the Tour Edge team comes at a pinnacle point in the company. After 30 years of successful business this is the perfect opportunity for Craig to take over some of Tour Edge president and founder David Glod’s workload; freeing up more of Glod’s time to concentrate on product concepts as well as research and development.

“This appointment is to make Tour Edge’s better products even better,” adds Glod. “Materially better you could say.”

Tour Edge and David Glod truly have a storied history in the golf industry. With Craig as a new addition, many may not be aware that several of the employees, that are pivotal to the company, also have impressive narratives.

  • Tour Edge was founded 30 years ago by current owner and president David Glod, who plays to a two handicap;
  • The vice president of sales Gordon Glod has been with the company 27 years, is still there today and plays to a four handicap;
  • The vice president of operations Tony Herb has been with the company for 25 years, is still there today and plays to a one handicap;
  • The vice president of finance Rich Balla has been there 23 years, is still there today and plays to a +3 handicap.
  • The director of marketing, Bob Ochoa has been with the company 21 years, is still with there and plays to a six handicap.

The staffing at Tour Edge is remarkable, and so are the ideologies put into play. One of the great philosophies at Tour Edge, that has supported consistent growth throughout the years, is to dedicate more money to product development than on marketing. This concept helped Tour Edge survive in an industry that has got the better of many better resourced and more famous companies. Also, separating itself from other companies has been Glod’s decision to offer a Lifetime Warranty on every product, standing behind everything they do. Tour Edge is the only company in golf hardware, in the world, to do that.

Tour Edge Golf’s future encompasses a commitment to genuine innovation, product superiority, client loyalty, and customer satisfaction. The past thirty years have been remarkable, but the focus is on what lays ahead, and how Glod, Craig, and all the employees continue working on the ‘story worth talking about.’

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